Institutional racism allegations hits DiData

Institutional racism allegations hits DiData
Published: 28 August 2017
Ex-Dimension Data chairman Andile Ngcaba is taking his former paymaster to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration over alleged "discrimination and unfair remuneration practices".

According to Business Day, Ngcaba said he learnt in May 2016 that executive directors, including his juniors, were benefiting from a long-term incentive scheme, from which he was excluded.

It adds that Ngcaba argues that by being excluded from the scheme, this amounts to institutional racism.

Ngcaba spoke to the directors and tried to reach an amicable solution.

The group proposed a settlement, but Ngcaba wanted information about other directors’ benefits to be disclosed before entering into any agreement. He was also told that decisions related to the scheme and who benefited from it were at the company's discretion.

"The directors need to disclose on what basis was I excluded from this scheme.... This for me is institutional racism," said Ngcaba.

"I am pursuing this on a basis of principle. If this is happening at my level, how much more on a junior level?"

Ngcaba also plans to take the matter to the UK and Japanese authorities, where Dimension Data’s parent, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, is based.
- BusinessDay
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