Fidelity Life Assurance appoints substantive CEO

Fidelity Life Assurance appoints substantive CEO
Published: 27 September 2017
Diversified financial services group Fidelity Life Assurance of Zimbabwe has appointed Mr Rueben Java as its substantive chief executive effective October 1, 2017.

Mr Java, who is also the current chairman of Life Offices Association of Zimbabwe and former president of the Zimbabwe Association of the Pension Funds, has over 20 years' experience in the insurance sector.

"The chairman of the board of Fidelity are pleased to announce the appointment of Rueben Java as the new chief executive officer of Fidelity with effect from 1 October 2017.

"In addition to his broad experience, immense expertise and proven leadership, Rueben is also an active industry leader. The board is confident Rueben will provide sound leadership and guidance to the group going into the future," said Fidelity in a statement today.

Since 1991, Mr Java has worked for various leading insurance firms such as Old Mutual where he rose to become a general manager of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company.

Mr Java has also worked as a (CEO) for Old Mutual Kenya where he was responsible for the setting up of Old Mutual Kenya Foundation in 2014 as well as ensure a successful post-merger integration of Faulu Microfinance Bank and Old Mutual Kenya.

He has also worked as a managing director for First Mutual Life Assurance Company where he was instrumental in the setting up of First Mutual Health, where he provided leadership, guidance and direction in concept design.

Fidelity is a diversified financial services provider with a strong presence in various sectors spanning across life assurance, medical insurance, funeral insurance and services, microfinance, asset management and property development.

The firm also has regional presence, with operations in Malawi.
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