Govt to install dryers at GMB depots

Govt to install dryers at GMB depots
Published: 12 March 2018
GOVERNMENT plans to install dryers at major Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots to address moisture complications on delivered grain and reduce post-harvest losses.

Despite recording a bumper harvest in the last season, Government acknowledged some of the grain, which was delivered to GMB depots, was turned back because of unsatisfactory moisture content.

Lands, Agriculture and Rural Settlement Minister, Air Chief Marshall Perrance Shiri (Retired) revealed this in Parliament last Wednesday.

"Government is looking around for dryers with an intention of installing dryers at the major GMB depots, especially those with grain silos," he said.

The minister also appealed to farmers to make an effort in assisting the Government to deal with the issue of moisture so as to avoid losses.

"We would also want to urge farmers to install their own farm dryers because Government has got limitations in terms of capacity. So farmers should assist by taking the initiative," he said.

GMB southern regional manager, Mrs Podiso Mafu, is on record as saying GMB was in the process of educating farmers on post-harvest grain handling before delivery to various depots.

She said stakeholder engagement programmes had been lined up in an effort to communicate the expectations of GMB from farmers about moisture content testing. In some instances last year, the GMB was accused of refusing to accept grain.

Minister Shiri also stressed the need to revitalise irrigation farming across provinces to augment rain-fed farming so as to ensure adequate food production. He said a number of irrigation projects would be prioritised and that his ministry was liaising with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate to facilitate construction of more dams and rehabilitation of others.
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