Golden Quarries Mine resumes operations

Golden Quarries Mine resumes operations
Published: 28 March 2018
SHURUGWI-based Golden Quarries Gold Mine, a subsidiary of Falcon Gold, has resumed operations after having its water and electricity reconnected following Government intervention.

The mine stopped operating a few years ago after water and electricity supplies were disconnected due to non payment of bills, while workers at the mine also went on strike demanding their outstanding salaries.

The strike according to the listed mining group had a negative impact on the company's production capacity.

In an interview yesterday, Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Owen Ncube said Government had intervened as the non-operation of the company had a very negative impact on gold production in the country.

"As Government we had to intervene following the closure of one of the big gold mines in the province. We talked to the company's management and the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) and Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) and they agreed to reconnect water and electricity supplies to the mine. I'm glad to say that right now the mine is up and running. Electricity has been reconnected and people have started working," said Ncube.

He said they also resolved the long strike as workers were demanding their back pay since last year.

"We met with the employees and their management and resolved that the employees should resume work for production to take place so that the mine can start raising money for salaries and other obligations," said Ncube.

Last year in September, employees' wives forced operations to come to a halt demanding that their husbands be paid their dues before they could return to work.

Police had to be called in to intervene and they arrested some of the women. The mine employs about 100 people.
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