Powertel, Africom and ZARnet to merge

Powertel, Africom and ZARnet to merge
Published: 17 April 2018
State enterprises Powertel, Zarnet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom were announced to be merging by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Most readers will be familiar with Powertel and Africom who both act as Internet Access Providers (IAP) and Internet Service Providers, whilst ZARnet was established to provide internet to the government, academia and research sectors.

Powertel and Africom are both Internet Access Providers.

ZARnet offer internet solutions as part of the presidential e-learning program to schools such as ZRP, Domboshava Training Centre, Parirewa High School, and Choguudza High School. , They also provide connectivity to 1300 schools. Zarnet is providing internet to the Community Information Centres in rural areas. The reason why they are not as popular as other IAP’s is because they operate in the background.
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