Boma, a must-do in Victoria Falls

Boma, a must-do in Victoria Falls
Published: 20 May 2018
A visit to Victoria Falls is not complete unless one has gone through the Rain Forest, taken a sunset cruise or done the Boma experience.

"Unless you have done one of these three, you can't say you have been to Victoria Falls. But then, we take away the visit to the Rain Forest because there is no way one can come all the way down here and not get into the Rain Forest.

"Which leaves the Victoria Falls visitor with one of the two other options, either a sunset cruise or the Boma experience. Or both," enthused Dustin Kennedy, the resort general manager for Africa Albida Tourism (AAT), last week.

AAT is one of the leading tourism players in Victoria Falls which runs four units, the Lokuthula Lodges, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Suites and Victoria Falls Safari Club.

And it is within these four units that the Boma Restaurant is nestled, giving residents of the four units — or any other holiday lover — the opportunity to experience a truly African traditional meal, in an almost exhilarating environment.

On entering the restaurant, the visitor is dressed with an African cloth, commonly known as the Zambia and shown to the romantically-lit restaurant, where an intimate experience with African cuisine awaits the tongue.

The meal, which starts off with the tasting of an African brew, going through the sampling of various game dishes, with a sprinkling of different soups, ends with some desserts to those with a sweet tongue.

"There are some who come to Victoria Falls for the bungee jumping but not everyone is an adrenalin junkie but food is for everyone.

"That is why we take pride in this Boma experience," added Kennedy.

As the taste buds get excited and soothed by the different flavours, the eardrums and eyesight get enchanted with the vibes of the African beat, as traditional dancers serenade diners.

Victoria Falls lies in the Zambezi escarpment, with a rich cultural history, of which the traditional dance troupe tries to enact in their breath-taking act.

On any other day, the Boma is packed and it is likely to get worse in the coming months as arrivals into the resort town are expected to hit sky-high.

"Traditionally we record modest occupancies in the first half of the year but this year has been different, we are fully booked as we speak. This has broken traditions, which means we are in for a busy second half of the year," said Kennedy.

The Boma experience is not exclusive to AAT residents.

"Anyone coming to Victoria Falls and staying elsewhere can book for the dinner experience. What is essential is the booking part, as most of the times we are fully booked, so we don't encourage diners to walk in, they risk disappointment," the resort general manager explained.
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