Chrome production tumbles

Chrome production tumbles
Published: 17 July 2018
Zimbabwe's chrome production has come under heavy scrutiny with several constraints being cited as reasons for low productivity levels.

It emerged during a consultative meeting on chrome in Harare today that the mineral production has tumbled from 107 830 metric tonnes in January 2018 to 65 530 metric tonnes in June 2018.

The fall has been attributed to external factors, given that China, which is the biggest buyer of chrome ore from Zimbabwe, closed quite a number of chrome ore smelting plants that were not meeting laid down environmental standards in that country and as a result, it affected the price and demand of chrome ore in Zimbabwe

"Many things have been happening locally and internationally and that has affected the production of chrome. Therefore, the essence of this consultative workshop is to present the results of market analysis and map the way forward," said Mr Masimba Chandavengerwa, who is the Deputy General Manager of the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ).

Zimbabwe Miners Federation President, Ms Henrietta Rushwaya, whose organisation plays a supervisory role in the production of chrome in the country, said chrome is affected mainly by logistical challenges that hamper production especially small scale miners and as a result, there has been significant decline on chrome production since January.

Other issues that came up as major constraints in the sector are sanctions and restricted payment terms, as potential buyers are subjected to rigorous processes when they want to transfer money to Zimbabwe to buy chrome ore.
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