River Ranch Mine remains idle

 River Ranch Mine remains idle
Published: 10 September 2018
River Ranch, a diamond rich mine in Beitbridge, sits quietly with no sign of life on the edges of Limpopo.

Its solitude however gives a loud cry for urgent attention.

The story of the mine is that of good and bad times.

Twice afflicted by liquidation processes, there is an air of sadness engulfing the diamond mine.

The security staff manning the place against pilferage or vandalism of the plant and the perimeter fencing are the only visible figures.

Even the guardroom has bird nests whose dry state could be the prologue to the state of affairs inside.

While the plant still looks intact, there is a growth of trees and grass all over the place. Perhaps besides containing diamonds in its belly, there is nothing that really looks attractive about the mine whose Chief Security Officer, Mr Richard Shoriwa has vivid memories of the story that brought the place this far.

Even the other once beautiful residential properties along the banks of the Limpopo River are wasting away.

Villagers from nearby places even risk crossing to nearby South African farms to look for menial jobs while the liquidation issue of the mine with the courts is still yet to be settled.

In April this year, Rani Investments, the majority shareholder in Limpopo Mining Resources (Pvt) Limited, the owners of River Ranch filed an application with the High Court seeking removal from liquidation.

The company cited a change in circumstances that initially led to proposed dissolution of the firm.

Limpopo Mineral Resources was placed under liquidation on 18 July 2012 after the majority shareholder, on a voluntary basis, approached the court appealing for its winding up after it became apparent that it was no longer able to pay its liabilities which stood at over $21 million as at 7 March 2018.
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