Zimbabwe Cabinet, what to expect

Zimbabwe Cabinet, what to expect
Published: 11 September 2013
The announcement of the cabinet has set the ball rolling on the anticipations that all economic agents have on the new appointees. Now that economic agents know who will head what, there is anxiety on how the appointees will steer the economy in a direction that will promote economic development and growth.

Different economic sectors have different expectations based on the challenges they have been experiencing after the introduction of the multicurrency.

For the agricultural sector since the previous Minster, Dr Joseph Made retained the ministry the likely hood of a whole changeover on agriculture policies is limited, there is a higher possibility that the policies that the leader advocated and ran are to be continued until they attain the goals initially set.

This may mean continuity of policy and has positive implications on the growth of the sector.

For the mining sector a new leader has been appointed that is Walter Chidhakwa, this may mean a whole new approach in the sector especially in line with the indigenization drive.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce retained the then deputy minister of the ministry to the post of Minster Mike Bimha, this may mean the continuation of policies implemented or implementation of new policies. Industries need serious government intervention for the economy to grow.

Zimbabwean manufacturing sector is seriously behind the trail in export competiveness and it is failing to meet its own domestic demand causing the continual dependency on imports.

Economic agents anticipate that the new appointee will formulate policies and strategies that will immediately address these challenges.

Patrick Chinamasa the then Minster of Justice, legal and Parliamentary Affairs was appointed the Minister of Finance .

The main expectations on the ministry are in terms of the budget allocations, taxation policies as well as the fiscal policy and how it will map the way for economic growth and development.

Anticipation is now on what these leaders have in store for the economy, how they will improve the economic situation in the country and how they will modal the policies they intend to implement with the overall goal of indigenization and economic empowerment these are the questions that events in the near future will answer.
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