Govt phases out diesel 500

Govt phases out diesel 500
Published: 06 March 2018
The government has started implementing a programme to phase out diesel 500 through the introduction of diesel 50, this, in a bid to improve the fuel quality and offer affordable prices.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) said the move is in compliance with a government directive issued last year.

"...Zera advises the public that the transition from D500 to D50 is progressing well since the importation of D500 was banned through General Notice 669 of 2017.

"The introduction of D50 prices in the market is a result of use of the cheaper pipeline transportation of D50 into the country as opposed to road and rail," Zera said.

According to the statement, the retail price for diesel must not exceed $1,22 from yesterday. 
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