BCC makes progress in Egodini relocations

BCC makes progress in Egodini relocations
Published: 07 March 2018
THE Bulawayo City Council says it has made considerable progress in preparing for the relocation of transport operators and informal traders operating at the Basch Street Terminus.

The city council last week extended by two weeks the relocation exercise, citing inadequate preparation of alternative sites due to incessant rains.

The relocation of the transport operators and informal traders will pave way for the commencement of the construction of the $60 million Egodini Mall.

Officials from the city council yesterday toured different sites for relocation to assess the progress made so far.

The local authority's public relations officer, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, said most vending bays at the different sites were ready for the relocation of vendors.

"We've been working on the vending bays and we're happy with progress made so far. We've made considerable progress and we're certain that in the next one week, the transport operators and informal traders will be able to relocate to the new sites and continue with their businesses.

"Some transport operators had also written to the city council requesting more time as they were not ready to relocate. We're therefore working together with the contractor Terracotta and all stakeholders involved so that everyone is ready for the relocation exercise," said Mrs Mpofu.

She said consultations with the stakeholders would continue as the project progresses.

Terracotta director Mr Thulani Moyo last week said informal traders needed more time to relocate from the site.

He said a tentative agreement was reached by his company and the city council to add two weeks to the relocation exercise.

According to a relocation plan issued by the city council, Bellevue and Pumula commuter omnibuses will be moved to Lobengula Street between 11th and 13th Avenue while all commuter omnibuses using Luveve Road will now be ranking at Lobengula Street and 3rd Avenue.

The commuter omnibuses using the Richmond route will be relocated to the City Hall while those using routes to the northern areas of the city will operate from Lobengula Street and 2nd Avenue.

Other selected transport operators and informal traders will be moved to Lobengula Street and 6th Avenue.

The city council said engagement of stakeholders will continue. In an earlier statement, council advised its stakeholders, commuter omnibus operators and informal traders to prepare for the relocation process.

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