Call to repair Beitbridge roads

Call to repair Beitbridge roads
Published: 26 March 2018
Beitbridge Rural District Council chairperson Councillor Gladys Tlou has implored Government and its partners to urgently repair roads.

In a recent interview, she said the bad state of the roads was pushing up transport costs.

It costs between R100 and R150 to travel between the border town and several areas in the western part of the district when one uses private transport.

She said most bridges had been washed away by torrential rains, resulting in most villages being cut off.

"The worst affected areas are those in most remote parts of the constituency including Whunga, Dendele, Tshoko-Tshoko and Mapani," said Clr Tlou.

Cllr Tlou said the bad state of the roads had resulted in acute transport shortages with many public transport operators pulling out of some routes.
- the herald
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