Newly-installed CBZ solar street lights stolen

Newly-installed CBZ solar street lights stolen
Published: 12 April 2018
VICTORIA FALLS police have arrested several people in connection with the theft of CBZ solar street lights batteries and solar panels.

CBZ recently started installing hundreds of solar street lights on its land after servicing roads, sewer and water reticulation systems.

Officer commanding Victoria Falls, Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona confirmed the development and arrests, but could not give further details saying that might affect investigations.

"More than 10 solar batteries and panels have been reported to have been stolen in the past few days. We will get the accurate information after police and CBZ auditors have done their part, as they are on the ground and we will confirm the number.

"We have since arrested the contractors, but I cannot disclose names nor numbers, as it might jeopardise our investigations."

Chiwona said the thieves dug where the batteries were installed and unscrewed the solar panels.

"CBZ had done the installation with no mind of a thief. These thieves went to dig at night and took the batteries before unscrewing solar panels. Our first suspects were the contractors, as they knew how the installation was done, but we will get to the offenders."

Meanwhile, police said security officers have been deployed to monitor the situation, as a few residents have started developing the land since its commissioning last year.

CBZ group marketing and corporate affairs executive, Laura Gwatiringa said she was not aware of the developments and expressed concern over the incident.
- newsday
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