Kazembe Kazembe grabs school farm

Kazembe Kazembe grabs school farm
Published: 25 April 2018
Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation minister Kazembe Kazembe has taken control of a 1 350-hectare farm belonging to Blackforsly College of Agriculture, situated approximately 60 kilometres north west of Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.

The chartered engineer's alleged 'farm grab' comes amid President Emmerson Mnangagwa's vow to stop illegal land seizures and restored property rights.

Reached for comment, Kazembe claimed there was a sinister plot by his rivals in the Zanu-PF primary election race to sully his reputation, saying he got the farm way back, adding it had been subdivided into 14 plots, one which he owns and the rest by the Air Force of Zimbabwe and some Zanu-PF members.
- Daily News
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