'Huge task ahead for SEZs boss'

'Huge task ahead for SEZs boss'
Published: 09 May 2018
THE Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority (Zimseza) has appointed Mr Edwin Kondo as chief executive officer with effect from May 1.

Board chair Dr Gideon Gono said the appointment follows approval by Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister, Dr Mike Bimha, in terms of Section 22 of Special Economic Zones Act (Chapter 14:34).

"Zimseza board would like to announce the appointment of its inaugural chief executive officer, Mr Edwin Kondo with effect from May 1, 2018," he said.

The authority was set up to establish special economic zones meant to boost foreign direct investment which in turn will increase foreign currency earnings as well as create employment.

Mr Kondo holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Management, Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Physics, Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance and a National Diploma in marketing management.

"He is a business executive with extensive experience in all aspects of general management namely corporate governance, strategic direction, financial and financing responsibilities, marketing, stakeholder engagements and corporate social responsibility," said Dr Gono.

Prior to his appointment, Mr Kondo served as the chief executive officer of African Discourse in South Africa, executive marketing director of Turnall Holdings, Business Consultant of Leadership Development Centre at St Lucia Park, marketing manager (Africa) of BICC CAFCA in Harare, among others.

Dr Gono said the board was confident that Mr Kondo will provide the necessary leadership in operationalising the authority.

The authority's vision is to be a world class organisation that will attract and facilitate high quality local and foreign investment into the country.

Industry through representative bodies such as the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has been clamouring for speedy implementation of SEZs to promote industrial development by offering special conditions and incentives to enhance international competitiveness.

CZI Matabeleland Chamber president Mr Joseph Gunda said the appointment of a chief executive officer was a welcome move.

"It's a long awaited move as we have been clamouring for the speedy implementation of SEZs. As you aware the initiative to set up SEZs was started way back in 2009. We look forward to the authority's chief executive officer hitting the ground running," he said.

"As part of the technical working group, we have done our background work. We have done much of the ground work in terms of identification of sectors, factory shells that are lying idle in Bulawayo and there is still much work that needs to be done in terms of communicating with some of the owners of the idle factories."

Mr Gunda said the new chief executive has a huge task ahead.

Hopes are high that industries, particularly in Bulawayo, will be resuscitated through the implementation of the SEZs. "We have people here who can still invest. They know the terrain, they know the environment and thus they should play a big role in getting businesses going," he said.
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