Chiyangwa exposes chiefs

Published: 10 June 2018
Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa has described chiefs and village heads as his foot soldiers after he won the Zanu-PF primary elections to represent the ruling party in the Zvimba South constituency during the July 30 elections.

Chiyangwa appealed to the traditional leaders in his constituency to continue supporting "the son of the soil."

"You don't know the role these chiefs and headmen played in our victory, they walked the length and breadth of Zvimba South constituency for the victory of the party," said Chiyangwa.

Chief Zvimba and Chief Chidziva declared that the courts would not stop traditional leaders from dabbling in politics.

"The only way to make them happy wherever they are is to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phillip Chiyangwa. We are not apologetic about that," said Chief Chidziva before chanting the Zanu-PF slogan.

A High Court judge recently ordered Chiefs' Council president Fortune Charumbira to publicly retract his statements that traditional leaders were backing Mnangagwa in the polls as the utterances were unlawful.
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