Mnangagwa bemoans slow law-making processes

 Mnangagwa bemoans slow law-making processes
Published: 05 October 2019
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has com- plained about the slow law-making processes in Parliament, adding there was need for urgency in the spirit of universal development. During the official opening of the second session of the 9th Parliament in Harare on Tuesday Mnangagwa said: "The law must be a universal instrument of development.

As such, the slow pace in this August House, which has resulted in a low number of bills passing through Parliament cannot be al- lowed to continue.

"I, thus, challenge honourable members in their individual and collective capacities, to play their part in speeding up our parliamen- tary processes. Equally, reports of mismanagement of public finances as exposed by the office of the Auditor General, and brought before this Parliament, must never be condoned."

Mnangagwa further spoke about the bills to be debated in the second session which include the Medical Aid Societies Bill, Prisons and Correctional Services, Child Justice Bill and Mandatory Sentencing for Rape and Sexual Offences, Pension and Provident Funds Bill, Zimbabwe Media Commission, Protection of Information, and the Broadcasting

Services Act Amendments, Petro- leum Act and the Insurance and Pension Amendment. However, some observers be- lieve the executive is also to blame for the slow pace at which Bills are passed through Parliament.

Meanwhile, responding to Mnangagwa's State of the Nation Address (Sona), opposition leader Nelson Chamisa said it was time to tackle government head-on through action.

"A Sona that does not address key issues facing the nation such as lack of electricity, water, fuel, non- availability of cash, poor wages, human rights abuses, terror, abductions, illegitimacy and reforms is a waste of resources and an unprovoked insult. This invites us all to act. The problems of Zimbabwe are not MDC problems, the problems of Zimbabwe are not problems for political parties, they are national problems. If we have to act we have to act together as Zimbabweans beyond parties.

"The issue is now bigger than political parties and there has to be collective effort by Zimbabweans to find lasting and common solutions.

"We have deep governance problems, leadership problems and we have unanswered and unresolved historical questions, those questions need national answers."

Chamisa said the country's problems could only be solved through a holistic national dialogue and insisted his party would not join the Political Actors Dialogue, which was launched by Mnangagwa.
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