FMHL in new cellphone insurance venture

FMHL in new cellphone insurance venture
Published: 13 September 2013
Still smarting from a public spat with Zimbabwe's largest mobile telephony company Econet Wireless over the ill-fated EcoLife life assurance product, listed insurance group First Mutual Holdings Limited has waded back into the mobile insurance waters by introducing a cellphone-based funeral assurance policy.

FMHL CEO Douglas Hoto said this week the insurance group was working on a system that allows customers to pay all their premiums anytime of the day via their cellphones.

FMHL said the product will see it having to deal with all the country’s three cellular networks.

"This product is coming on stream definitely in the last quarter of the year and is called Electronic Smart Mutual Life (ESMLl)," FMHL chief executive officer Douglas Hoto said this week.

He said customers would use air time scratch cards from across all networks to pay their insurance premiums.

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