ZETDC urges consumers to pay bills

ZETDC urges consumers to pay bills
Published: 23 September 2013
Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has urged consumers to pay their bills to ensure uninterrupted supplies.

ZESA slashed domestic debts by $160 for every household while writing off a collective $80 million owed by farmers.

The total bill relief for domestic consumers amounts to $90 million. In a statement, ZETDC warned consumers who did not pay their current bills that it would cut supplies.

"After the debt relief which was afforded to domestic customers, the farming community and all welfare organizations, it is very important that customers start or continue to pay their current electricity bills to enable quality service.

"Failure by customers to pay for electricity will threaten the prevailing favorable power supply situation and lead to a deterioration in the quality of service that ZETDC provides, and has a negative impact on economic recovery," it said.

ZETDC said if revenue collection improved the ability to pay suppliers would also improve thereby enabling Zimbabwe to import more power, leading to a reduction in the extent and duration of load shading.

It commended those customers that were paying their bills. ZEDTC is a subsidiary of power utility ZESA holdings.

- New Ziana
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