Soft drink workers get salary raise

Soft drink workers get salary raise
Published: 29 July 2014
Arbitrators in the salary dispute between the soft drink manufacturing employees union and manufacturing employers association have awarded a 10 percent wage increase to workers.

However, the employers are disputing the award and have indicated their intentions to appeal against the judgment.

The workers appointed Mr Munyaradzi Gwisai while the employers appointed a Mr George Makings.

"The respondent at the time of the deadlock in the wage negotiations had offered a minimum wage of $239 per month, a housing allowance of $65 per month, grade differentials of five percent and gratuity starting at 20 percent.

"However the existing minimum wage of $237 per month would be adjusted by 10 percent to reach a new minimum of $260, 70 per month," said the arbitrators in a joint statement.

The employers were offering 0,08 percent wage  increase while the workers wanted a 43 percent increase to $339 from $237. Soft drinks workers union president Mr Tafara Dunhira said employees in the sector are still far behind, with minimum wages below half the poverty datum line.

As part of the arbitral award the two arbitrators said the ongoing practice that has become prevalent in the country of not appointing a single arbitrator but rather two arbitrators has been followed hence this creates a process of mediation rather than arbitration, where decision would be achieved by consensus.

"It is clear that the results do not meet the expectations of either party and it may well be that had the negotiations been more pursued with vigour an award more suitable for the parties could have been reached through negotiation and once that process is not pursued the decision making will remain in the hands of the arbitrators," said the arbitrators in a statement.

The two parties deadlocked on March 14 this year on the Wage and allowances that includes transport allowance, housing allowance, subsistence allowance, night Shift allowance, gratuity and grade differential.
- The Herald
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