Agribank to deploy 10,000 swiping machines

Agribank to deploy 10,000 swiping machines
Published: 11 April 2018
Agribank will deploy 10 0 00 Point of Sale (POS) machines to its merchants and agencies by December 31 2018.

Speaking at a media briefing, Agribank's Chief Executive Officer Somkhosi Malaba said 10 000 POS machines will be deployed.

"The Bank will deploy more POS machines to merchants and agencies and targets 10 000 POS machines by 31 December 2018," he said.

Malaba said Agribank will continue improving the mobile banking services and E-Channels.

"The bank will continue to enhance the mobile banking functionalities and bring on board additional billers with high traffic.

"We are also pursuing the issuance of VISA international cards in 2018.

"The VISA card is key for current and potential new customers who want to do international transactions.

"Customers can also enjoy improved customers services by being able to interact with the bank via social media as well as better response times on the traditional channels (email, telephone and SMS),"added Malaba.
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