Legal battle looms as tobacco farmers fleeced

Legal battle looms as tobacco farmers fleeced
Published: 18 May 2018
Private tobacco farmers could have been prejudiced nearly $4 million by contractors who fraudulently contracted them and bought their commodity at low prices.

This comes after the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) engaged lawyers to look into the complaints raised by farmers after they were forced to sell their "golden leaf" for a pittance to corrupt merchants who registered growers without their knowledge.

The private farmers would be turned away from the auction floors because the data base would show that they are contracted growers. The farmers have alleged the process of de-contracting as frustrating and end up selling to the merchants.

Companies that have been caught in web include Ethical Leaf Tobacco, Boost Africa and Agritrade Leaf Tobacco but their portion of prejudice could not be established.
- Business Weekly
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