NMB named among top 200 brands

NMB named among top 200 brands
Published: 22 May 2018
NMB Bank was named as one of the top 200 brands in the Marketers' Association of Zimbabwe Superbrands selection process at an event held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last Friday (May 18).

The top 200 brands were selected through a rigorous process that began with a random survey of more than 3 000 people over a period of several weeks.

Superbrand is an international concept that identifies brands that are performing above and beyond others in the market. The identification of Superbrands in Zimbabwe began in 2009 and has been continued every year since then.

A brand that is deemed a Superbrand is one that has established an exceptional reputation within its field, offering tangible advantages over competitors that its customers want and recognise. To be acknowledged as a Superbrand requires consistent management of a company's values and the quality of its products, according to the MAZ's website.

From among the top 200 brands announced last Friday will be selected the top 20 business to business brands and top 20 business to consumer brands.

Commenting on the top 200 brands, the chairman of the Superbrands Adjudication Committee, Dr Eve Gadzikwa, said a rigorous process was followed in selecting them.

"The quality of the top 200 brands is very good. They are credible organisations that I can vouch for," she said.

NMB chief executive Mr Ben Washaya said NMB was delighted to have again been named among the country's top 200 companies.

"The Superbrands awards are among the most prestigious in the country. It is always particularly satisfying to be named among the top 200 companies, because the selection of these top companies comes from a random survey of members of the public," he said.

"This is further confirmation of the enviable reputation NMB Bank has earned for service excellence and efficiency, a reputation the bank is determined to retain as it continues to expand its customer base, while maintaining its high standards of customer care and efficient service delivery."
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