More locomotives for NRZ

More locomotives for NRZ
Published: 15 June 2018
THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has received additional locomotives and wagons under the equipment deal with Transnet of South Africa.

The equipment is part of a deal struck with the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group, part of which was commissioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in February.

In a statement released last week, NRZ said another 10 locomotives and 200 wagons had been received since the first batch.

It said NRZ staff were being trained to use the equipment.

"The NRZ has received six class 34 locomotives, four class 43 locomotives and 200 wagons. Three class 34 locomotives are still to be delivered. The class 34 locomotives, initially earmarked for shunt operations, are the same size as NRZ's mainline locomotives and are not suitable for use as shunt locomotives. They have been deployed for mainline operations," said NRZ.

The class 34 locomotives, wagons and coaches were deployed for NRZ operations on March 29, 2018 after an agreement on the commercial terms was reached with Transnet and the equipment cleared with ZIMRA. Deployment of the four larger class 43 locomotives has been delayed by the training of NRZ employees to familiarise them with the computerised equipment, among other reasons.

In February, Mnangagwa commissioned 108 wagons, seven locomotives and eight passenger coaches.

NRZ chairman Larry Mavima said the revival of the parastatal would breathe new life into several organisations which depend on the transport and logistics sector.

"These are the fruits of a new government led by President Mnangangwa, and our mandate as NRZ is to contribute to national economic development through relatively cheaper transport and logistics facilities," Mavima said in February.

The locomotives have been deployed mainly in the Midlands province, where they are moving chrome to Chicualacuala in Mozambique.

Chrome miner Zimasco is among the biggest beneficiaries.

Some of the locomotives are ferrying coal for Hwange Colliery Company Limited, with the NRZ moving 771 000 tonnes of freight in the first four months of this year.

In the same period last year, NRZ moved 679 000 tonnes.
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