'Govt committed to beef industry resuscitation'

'Govt committed to beef industry resuscitation'
Published: 22 June 2018
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will hand over 2 000 head of cattle to Matabeleland farmers in Gwanda today to help resuscitate the country's beef industry under the Command Livestock Programme.

Addressing a capacity crowd at rally at Maranda High School in Mwenezi West yesterday, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said the new dispensation led by President Mnangagwa wascommitted to reopening the Cold Storage Company through promoting livestock production in the country.

Th e VP urged people of Mwenezi to rally behind President Mnangagwa, parliamentary and council candidates so that Zanu-PF wins resoundingly to complete Operation Restore Legacy. He urged Zanu-PF members to shun violence as the new dispensation was in strong support of a non-violent and credible plebiscite on July 30.

VP Chiwenga said through the wisdom of President Mnangagwa, the country was now food secure aft er he led Command Agriculture which saw farmers delivering at least two million metric tonnes of grain to the Grain Marketing Board.

Vice President Chiwenga said the issue of Mujingwe Wildlife Conservancy in Mwenezi West where some people illegally settled themselves would be resolved as a matter of urgency to avoid human-animal confl ict which characterises the area.

Turning to irrigation, VP Chiwenga said Government had a deliberate program for every district to have irrigation infrastructure.

He also read the riot act on farm owners who have illegally extended their farm sizes, ordering them to stick to what they were allocated so that others can have land. Turning to the road network, he said Maranda was going to have one main road tarred to attract investment into the district.

"Tomorrow, we are going to give Matabeleland North and South 2 000 cattle under the Command Livestock Programme. Each province will receive 1 000 cattle," said VP Chiwenga.

"We know Masvingo and Matabeleland North and South are cattle provinces. Aft er giving Matabeleland, we are coming to Masvingo as we want CSC which we are going to open soon to benefi t. We are now waiting to complete Operation Restore Legacy which brought our President Mnangagwa to power through voting on July 30.

President Mnangagwa was anointed by the gods to work for the multitudes of people in the country and he wants to develop Zimbabwe for it to be recognised by the whole world."

This he said, was however, only possible if ruling party parliamentary and council candidates are elected as well. He urged all party candidates to campaign vigorously in their respective areas.

"Zanu-PF will never be the same again. We are all servants of the people and we should work for the people. Let us put all the squabbles which characterised our primary elections behind and campaign as a team as we want unity to prevail in

the party," he said He advised school authorities against sending away pupils over non-payment of fees saying children were future leaders. He said Government would improve access to health care through the supply of adequate drugs in all clinics and hospitals.

Speaking at the same rally, Masvingo Minister of State for provincial aff airs Josaya Hungwe hailed VP Chiwenga for his role in ushering in the new dispensation.

He appealed to people of Mwenezi to vote for Zanu-PF in the forthcoming harmonised election.
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