Conditions necessary for the reintroduction of the Zimdollar

Conditions necessary for the reintroduction of the Zimdollar
Published: 11 August 2013
1. Bank reforms - these should emphasize the issues of cooperate governance and compliance.

In addition this also includes putting in place a Reserve Bank governance structure that ensures effective oversight and accountability.

2. Boosting economic productivity - Implementation of policies that will promote an enabling environment for business growth and development.

3. Improving the export base - Improving the export levels would improve the current account position and would also strengthen the income base for the nation.

4. Building confidence - there is need to promote policies that promote credibility, economic agents are the players in the market that is the households and business and they need to first have confidence in the policies being implemented for them to react in a positive way.

The current multi-currency system should be maintained until the economy has strengthened.

Some economists are of the view that monetary authorities and heads of government reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar when there is a track record of sound fiscal policy implementation.
- herald
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