Zimbabwe needs foreign direct investment, says Gono

Zimbabwe needs foreign direct investment, says Gono
Published: 14 August 2013
Gideon Gono said the country requires foreign direct investment (FDI) to solve the liquidity crisis and should not be seen as attacking the owners of capital.

He said the only way to solve the crisis is through attracting FDI.

Gono said there was not going to be an unstructured, chaotic or forced intervention in the banking sector outside technical agreement and legal way of doing things.

He said that RBZ would issue new banking licences to those willing to enter the sector.

Gono and Saviour Kasukuwere have fought over the implementation of the empowerment law that requires 51% of business with a net asset value of USD500 000 or more should be local owned arguing that it will not work in the banking sector.
- The Standard
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