Manufacturing sector poised for growth

Manufacturing sector poised for growth
Published: 27 August 2013
Equities analysts FBC Securities say they are forecasting a growth in the manufacturing sector during the tenure of the new Government provided there is a clear economic policy formulation and implementation as the previous inclusive Government was dogged by policy inconsistencies which militated against the revival of the sector.

According to the Zimbabwe Post Election Synopsis report compiled by FBC Securities, this growth will be experienced if there is an adequate supply sided support from all the sectors of the economy.

"Manufacturing sector is poised for growth citing adequate supply sided support from the agriculture and other sectors and sustainable demand from local, regional and international markets will see the sector boom," said FBC Securities.

The report said that since the sector has good infrastructure, necessary capital support will achieve production efficiencies while excess capacity to absorb expansion efforts exist. Industrial expert Mr Joseph Sagwati concurred with the report saying that there were various ways to revamp this sector.
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