Cost of living up

Cost of living up
Published: 03 December 2013
The cost of living and the low income urban earner monthly basket for November increased to $562,02 from the October figure of $561,99 with the food basket recording an increase of $1,07.

According to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), the month on month cost of living for low income urban earners increased by 0,03 percentage points.

Despite detergents decreasing by 7,82 percent from $13,30 to $12,26, the food basket increased by $1,07 to $150,76.

This is despite festive season promotions for both food and non-food items that normally see the prices being reduced.

Price increases were recorded for roller meal which moved from an average $12,23 to $12,25 for a 20kgs bag.

Tomatoes increased by US12 cents per kg to US73 cents, while beef was hiked by US60 cents to $4,50 from $3,90 cents a kg for the commercial grade.

Margarine recorded a US17 cents decrease from $2,36 cents to $2,19 per 500gs.

Sugar further went down from $1,90 to $1,76.

Bath soaps recorded a US20 cents slump from US80 cents to US65 cents a tablet while laundry soap was at an average of $1,29 from $1,35.
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