Inflation marginally up

Inflation marginally up
Published: 17 February 2014
Inflation in January gained 0.08% to 0.41% on the December 2013 figure of 0.33%, reflecting pressure from housing, education and healthcare.

According to the latest data from ZimStat, year-on-year food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation remained largely subdued at a negative 2.08%.

This is largely due to the weakening of the South African rand and, to a lesser extent, the low aggregate demand obtaining in the economy.

The rand factor has kept a damper on inflation since last year but this time round it has been overwhelmed by inflationary pressures in the non-food basket of the consumer price index.

Annual non-food inflation stood at 1.67% in January. On the annual weights, health was 1.87% in the positive, transport at 2.76%, pre-primary and primary education changed 11.3% and rentals were at 11.3%.

Month-on-month inflation in January was at 0.14%, gaining 0.22%points on the December rate of -0.08%.
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