Buy Zimbabwe Campaign under threat

Buy Zimbabwe Campaign under threat
Published: 03 March 2014

Low capacity utilisation in the manufacturing sector and lack of consumer education are hindering the push to promote the consumption and use of locally produced products under the banner of Buy Zimbabwe Campaign, officials said.

Buy Zimbabwe is a local campaign that was launched in 2011 and was designed to market local goods (especially the ones with the Buy Zimbabwe insignia) and services, to promote growth, empowerment and employment.

Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said the promotion of locally produced goods would contribute significantly towards reviving the country's manufacturing industry.

"Once we bring in those industries to the fore then this campaign makes a lot of sense but I do believe that the timing is right that we talk about Buy Zimbabwe. It raises the consciousness that we must believe in ourselves.

"We must support our manufacturers locally because every other country goes out of their way to support their local producers and we should do the same," Bimha said.

Buy Zimbabwe marketing manager Gabriel Choga expressed gratitude at the support exhibited by Government in supporting the campaign.

"The Buy Zimbabwe Campaign has been quite a success. There have been a number of issues that we have lobbied Government to do and I am glad to say that it has taken us seriously. For instance it has increased its quota on local procurement. This was after we held a Buy Zimbabwe Procurement Conference last year," he said.

Last year, the Buy Zimbabwe team embarked on a series of in-store promotions and road shows aimed at encouraging consumers to appreciate local products.

"We work with the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe and during one of their surveys last year I'm glad to say that Irvine's products were regarded as some of the most competitive products on the market and these are manufac- tured here."

- SundayNews
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