Minister condemns machete attacks

Minister condemns machete attacks
Published: 02 May 2018
Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Owen Ncube has urged police to deal decisively with criminals behind machete attacks that have resurfaced in Kwekwe.

Speaking during the launch of the Kwekwe Road Rehabilitation Programme in Mbizo recently, Minister Ncube said it was worrying that machete attacks had resurfaced in the city.

"Police should arrest these culprits. They are bad for business. Machete attacks drive away potential investors who might want to come and invest in the province," said Minister Ncube.

"Those who are doing so should stop forthwith because they are going against President Mnangagwa's vision of attracting investment for economic recovery."

Minister Ncube warned those found with machetes would be arrested.

"Those found with machetes whether he has used it or not should be arrested because the police have such powers. They are causing havoc in the province and police must do their job of arresting these people," said Minister Ncube.

He said some people were protecting criminals. "I urge the police to fearlessly conduct their duty, arrest everyone linked to the machete attacks even those who try to defeat the course of justice by hiding such criminals," said Minister Ncube.

"Machetes are just bad for business. Who would want to come and invest in the province when youth are behaving like animals? Let us have peace to attract investors," he added.

Meanwhile, police in Kwekwe have reinforced patrols in the district following the resurfacing of machete attacks.

Speaking during the official launch in the CBD, Officer Commanding Kwekwe Police Chief Superintendent David Tiesse said patrols have been reinforced to ensure safety of the public.

"We want to increase visibility of police details in the street so that the public is safe and reduce reaction time," he said

He said incidences involving machete attacks were on the increase in the district. "We are fighting hard to counter an increase in incidences involving machetes. I also urge the public to offer assistance where necessary and avoid safekeeping the perpetrators of machete attacks," said Chief Sup Tiesse.

He said police would conduct random body searches in and around the city.
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