Attack on Mugabe coup announcer exposes polarisation

Attack on Mugabe coup announcer exposes polarisation
Published: 16 July 2019
LAST Friday, in an unprecedented move - Foreign Affairs minister Sibusio Moyo and his delegation to London - were attacked by a group of angry Zimbabweans in the English capital city.

The unwarranted attack on the Cabinet minister exposed how deeply polarised Zimbabwe remains despite the change of guard from ousted former president Robert Mugabe to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In Europe and other countries such as the United States of America, where such attacks are seen as comical - in our case - they were very unfortunate and disappointing.

Moyo had gone to the United Kingdom to advance the government's wobbly re-engagement efforts, whose outcome, if positive could have meaningful change to the lives of long suffering Zimbabweans, among them - Zanu-PF and opposition supporters.

While there is anger among government critics, who feel that a Mnangagwa rule has so far failed to lift off the gloom and doom that pervaded Zimbabwe, during the time of Mugabe - certainly that should not be a licence to violate and attack a fellow Zimbabwean.

The attack on Moyo and his delegation was so tasteless and dumb that instead of fellow Zimbabweans - whether those stationed in the UK or at home, wishing for fruitful engagements - a small group chose to humiliate Moyo and his team.

There are no winners in that kind of thuggish behaviour as it only serves to inflame and worsen relations between those who support Zanu-PF and those against it.

Zimbabwe will always be Zimbabwe whether there are disagreements or convergence on any issue be it political or social.

In the case of Moyo, although the minister escaped with little apparent physical harm, as he was shielded from his angry assailants by his security aides, he was rudely confronted and accused of "spreading falsehoods" to the British government, that Zimbabwe was turning the corner post the 2017 coup.

He was drenched with mineral water by the angry protesters, some of who were shouting "you are a thief" - before he sped off in a black Mercedes Benz vehicle.

But two of his aides were not so lucky, with one of them being dragged from the car and attacked in full view of hordes of journalists.

The other aide was punched three times by a woman, as the mad crowd continued to hurl insults at Moyo's delegation.

That was a bad advertisement of Zimbabwe.

It means there is a lot that needs to be done to unite Zimbabweans.
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