SeedCo invests US$28million in research

SeedCo invests US$28million in research
Published: 26 March 2018
Zimbabwe's largest seed company, Seed Co Private Limited, has invested over US$28 million towards research over the past six years as the company intensifies efforts to compete on the global market, a company official has said.

This year the company intends to spend around US$6 million on research into various crops' viability in difficult climatic conditions.

Seed Co Zimbabwe managing director Denias Zaranyika, told The Sunday Mail Business that the continuous research and investment in agriculture will strengthen the country's food security status and boost yields.

Last year US$4 million laboratory was designed to keep pace with latest farming, climatic and environmental demands.

Climate change is forcing many seed producers to innovative, particularly in producing new seed varieties that are draught tolerant, pest resistance and produce improved yields.
- The Sunday Mail
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