'ZITF not a platform for merrymaking'

'ZITF not a platform for merrymaking'
Published: 26 April 2018
BULAWAYO mayor Martin Moyo has called on business executives to stop viewing the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) as a platform for merrymaking, but a unique gathering to seal sustainable business linkages.

Addressing ZITF guests at a reception he hosted at Large City Hall, Moyo said the trade showcase provided a unique business opportunity to negotiate synergies and partnerships among local and international businesses.

"ZITF should not only be about enjoyment, but also about developing sustainable developmental partnerships that will ensure that Zimbabwe and Africa rise up to be recognised industrial competitors in the whole market," he said.

Moyo said Bulawayo was open for business, as it continued to be the home of Africa's business exhibition.

"As we host the ZITF, we reiterate and borrow the President's statement and say Bulawayo is open for business because Bulawayo recognises the important aspects on the country's development and wants to showcase the achievements made to the investors so as to increase their confidence," he said.

The Bulawayo mayor said his city and Zimbabwe were on the recovery path, as indicated by the amount of trading space taken up at this year's edition of ZITF.

"This year, the space taken up at ZITF is 100%, as indicated by the media reports. It is an indication that Zimbabwe and, indeed, Bulawayo is on its economic recovery path," he said.

"Our main focus is on promoting investment towards poverty alleviation, industrial development and also ensuring that we develop sustainable solutions to our challenges."
Moyo said there were countless business and investment opportunities in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole.

"We recognise and value the interest of all participating at ZITF and I can assure you that there are countless business and investment opportunities in Bulawayo and in Zimbabwe, especially during ZITF,"he said.

Moyo said his council had invited the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange to the ZITF as part of efforts to influence increased investment in the city.
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