MDC-T plunges into turmoil

MDC-T plunges into turmoil
Published: 29 May 2018
The MDC-T in Masvingo has been plunged deeper into turmoil over allegations of rampant imposition of candidates in the just-ended primary elections to choose the party's parliamentary and council candidates in Masvingo Urban ahead of the forthcoming harmonised elections.

The primary elections were marred by chaos last week at the provincial headquarters where businessman and MDC-T national executive member Mr Takanai Mureyi was controversially elected unopposed.

Mr Mureyi was elected after former deputy minister and Masvingo Urban legislator Mr Tongai Matutu and another senior party official, Mr Benard Mazarire's names were removed from a list of contesting candidates under mysterious circumstances.

The development has reportedly heightened disgruntlement within the rank and file of MDC-T members in Masvingo Urban amid reports that Mr Matutu's camp was mulling taking legal action in protest over Mr Mureyi's "victory".

Sources in the party also said Mr Matutu and his camp were also contemplating filing papers to contest the Masvingo Urban parliamentary seat on an MDC-T ticket, in a development that may see the opposition party fielding two candidates in the constituency.

Zanu-PF will be represented by Major Benjamin Taguma Mazarire (retired) who romped to victory in the ruling party's primaries in April.

It is believed that political temperatures were rising in the MDC-T over Mr Mureyi's election as his party's candidate in Masvingo Urban constituency with Mr Matutu's backers vowing to try by all means to block him.

Mr Matutu's backers charge that it was unfair to stop the former legislator from contesting primaries in Masvingo Urban as punishment for having ditched the party to join Mr Tendai Biti's PDP soon after the 2013 harmonised elections before rejoining two years ago.

They cite Mr Ransome Makamure, who like Mr Matutu dumped the MDC-T and joined followed Mr Biti, but was recently chosen as the party's parliamentary candidate in Gutu East, after rejoining the MDC-T.

Mr Matutu recently confirmed that his name was removed from a list of aspiring Masvingo Urban parliamentary candidates under unclear circumstances.

"I am not sure why my name was removed from the list of aspiring candidates and I do not want to say much, but I remain a servant of the people of Masvingo and will stand guided by what they want.

"The reason why I wanted to contest in Masvingo Urban was because I was only answering clarion calls by the people to represent them and if then things go the other way the same people will guide me," said Mr Matutu.

MDC-T Masvingo Provincial chair Mr James Gumbi confirmed that Mr Mureyi was now the official parliamentary candidate in Masvingo Urban.

He said he was not privy to events that happened during the party primaries in Masvingo Urban.

"I would not know about the allegations of candidate imposition in Masvingo Urban because the elections in question were handled by officials from the national party leadership, I am not in the know about what exactly happened, but yes Mr Mureyi is now the official Parliamentary candidate in Masvingo Urban," said Mr Gumbi.

There has been simmering tension within the MDC-T in Masvingo with Messrs Matutu and Mureyi involved in a covert battle to win the heart and soul of party structures in a bid to win the nod to represent the opposition party in Masvingo Urban.

Besides Masvingo Urban, the MDC-T has been finding it hard to penetrate rural areas across the province, which are known as Zanu-PF strongholds.
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