Ministry warns against land fraudsters

Ministry warns against land fraudsters
Published: 04 June 2018
THE Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement has warned the public to be wary of fraudsters that are masquerading as Air Chief Marshal Perrance Shiri (Rtd) and demanding money from unsuspecting land seekers.

Deputy Minister Davis Marapira yesterday said the ministry had noted with grave concern that land seekers were losing money to fraudsters masquerading as officials from the ministry representing Minister Shiri.

He said it was possible the fraudsters were working within his ministry because they have details about land applications.

"The modus operandi behind the fraudulent activities is that several individuals have been phoned by an individual or individuals purporting to be Minister Shiri or representing him.

"The bogus persons would communicate that the recipient's application for land has been approved or that its processing is at an advanced stage before demanding money," said Deputy Minister Marapira.

He said depending on the size of the land purportedly earmarked for allocation, the fraudsters would go on to advise the intended victims to urgently pay some varying amounts of money, through EcoCash or electronic funds transfer which they say is the required administration fees before the final allocation of the piece of land.

The Deputy Minister said individuals have been made to pay as much as $ 3 000 as administration fees.

He said one of the fraudsters was using EcoCash numbers 0776910616 and 0785260449, which were owned by a Mary Shiri.

"The other number which is being used is 0772944530, which is in the name of Mercey Shiri. Let it be categorically stated that Minister Shiri is not, whatsoever, related to the said EcoCash account holders.

"Worse still, the Minister does not even know them. It should also be noted that the Minister does not handle any administrative transactions on behalf of the Ministry," said Deputy Minister Marapira.

He said police were following up on the numbers.

Deputy Minister Marapira said the Minister does not charge land seekers administration fees or any levy for processing applications.

"The public is hereby advised that the correct procedure for land allocation emanates from the recommendations of district lands committees. The recommendations are then forwarded to respective provincial lands committees for endorsement.

"It's the offices of the Ministers of State for provincial affairs that finally forward the paperwork for final approval by Minister Shiri," said Deputy Minister Marapira.

He urged members of the public to report the fraudsters to the police.
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