Chipanga enters political ring

Published: 24 June 2018
WITH  26 albums to his name and tired of being relegated to the periphery of real political life as a joker – someone devoid of being taken seriously, Hosiah ''Kwachukwachu'' Chipanga believes he has, through his music, done enough to endear himself to the people and now wants to turn his fans to be the electorate come 30 July.

The 66-year-old musician based in Mutare, Manicaland is not looking at being a councillor. He wants to start as a National Assembly Member for Dangamvura – Chikanga constituency as an independent candidate from where he will later stand as president.

The musician who is tussling for the constituency with 14 other candidates is everything a social and political commentator.

He said  he believed it was God's time judging from the support he was commanding.

"I believe President Mnangagwa (Emmerson) should be given time which is why I did not stand for President. I even said it in my song when I said Bob (Robert Mugabe) is a spiritual man like Moses and should pass on the baton to a Joshua in that order referring to ED. The song was never really liked because the system then did not believe in a Joshua, they believed the baton was supposed to be passed to Moses' wife (former First Lady Grace Mugabe," he said adding that he was often not taken seriously.

His songs are thought provoking and his truth has no limits. He is just a free soul.

But beneath the veneer of the voice that provides soothing entertainment is a boiling pot of emotions. Emotions born out of the need to see things done in a certain way - his way.

He is jocular both in his songs, in speech and in the practical way he does his things. Yes, he is an entertainer, an artiste and is expected to be such but certainly not everything he says is meant to be a joke.

In an interview with Sunday Life, Chipanga said he was aware that he was often regarded as a lunatic but said if people do not give heed to his "spiritual voice of reason" nothing in this country would move.

He revealed his desire to become an honourable member of parliament.

Yes, that is what Chipanga the musician desires to do. He is a bona fide citizen of the land and is empowered by the constitution to have such ambitions.

He has already formed a political party in the form of a church that he calls Mapipi. He is the archbishop of Mapipi which according to him stands for Messiah Apostolic Prophetical Inspired People's Institution but says he is going in as an independent candidate.

"Party politics divides people so when one goes for such important national positions they have to be weaned of the party and be independent so that they serve the interests of the country without party blinkers and bias. That is why despite having a party (Mapipi) I am going to stand as an independent candidate.

"I am particularly worried that people are sold to God-given resources such as land and water which people should get for free. I want those that sell land and water to explain how much they were charged by God for the products to sell it at such unaffordable price.

"I have not been taken seriously for the past three decades and I now understand why the Biblical Noah had to build the ark alone. I am facing the same predicament. I will build the ark with those that believe in me," said Chipanga.

His idea is to establish a Government that will not have soldiers, for it will be a peaceful country that will never go to war and will not have the headache of purchasing weapons.

He said he was happy that his wife appreciates him and his children also seem to understand his ideas and his vision. As for other artistes he said they think he is crazy and a potential candidate for a psychiatric institution.

"I think some musicians vanongoti hamenowo anongoimbawo dondo rake uyo, they do not take me seriously," he said.

His only political history is when he went to Mozambique with the intention of joining the armed struggle in 1977 but never did that as he was arrested and thrown into prison in Chimoio.

He said it was while in prison that he started receiving revelations from the Holy Spirit and he couldn't sleep for some days.

He then started writing a book on his revelations that he said remained with the late James Chikerema after he was released from prison.
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