Harare Province rebrands

Harare Province rebrands
Published: 13 July 2018
Harare Metropolitan Province has completed its rebranding exercise with the tagline "Pulse of Zimbabwe", which is expected to position the province as the leading investment, tourism and trade destination in the country and Africa.

Last year Government embarked on a massive rebranding exercise where each of the country's 10 provinces was tasked to come up with innovative ways of building an image that will translate into a national brand. Harare Provincial Affairs Minister Miriam Chikukwa  yesterday launched the Harare Metropolitan Province Brand calling upon local authorities to augment the exercise through improvement in service delivery.

"Indeed, Harare Metropolitan Province is the Pulse of Zimbabwe, as it is both the political and economic hub of the nation. It was therefore necessary for Harare to rebrand itself in line with the New Dispensation mantra 'Zimbabwe is Open for Business'," she said.

Data capturing "Most investors and tourists who visit Zimbabwe pass through Harare and it therefore presents an opportunity for Harare Metropolitan Province to position itself as a leading investment, tourism and trade destination in Zimbabwe and Africa."

She said the process started with stakeholder engagement workshops, creation of branding thematic committees, data capturing and packaging of materials into a website, video, pamphlets and other information, education and communication materials. Minister Chikukwa said she was pleased Harare has successfully completed all these process, hence the launch of the packaged promotional materials.

"Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders who participated in the process, namely the local authorities, the City of Harare, Chitungwiza Town, Ruwa Town Board and Epworth Local Board as well as the business community and members of the public who participated in the thematic groups," she said.

"Your contributions were invaluable and this has enabled us to come up with a brand that makes our province unique. Let us all continue to promote our province in the areas of trade, investment and in anticipation of increased levels of investment."

She said she was confident that the branding exercise was not only going to attract more investment into the province and boost tourism but also make the province one of the best places to live in Zimbabwe and beyond.

"Lastly, I wish to call upon all the branding exercise through improvement of service delivery, in order to restore our public, tourist and investor confidence."
- the herald
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