Ignore ZINWA debts, says Chiwenga

Ignore ZINWA debts, says Chiwenga
Published: 13 July 2018
Villagers from Silalatshani under Chief Sibasa in Insiza are free to continue farming without worrying about Zimbabwe National Water Authority debts which were carried over from the bearer's cheque era, VP Chiwenga has said.

Addressing hundreds of people at Filabusi Centre during a rally yesterday, Chiwenga said Zinwa also had no power over fisheries which are to be managed by villagers. He said Government has scrapped off their debts and therefore no one should demand payments or cut off their water supplies.

"We heard that villagers are being forced to pay thousands of dollars as debts carried over from that era. This should stop immediately and villagers should go and farm freely knowing that they do not owe Zinwa," he said to applause.

"Zinwa should stop acting as if they own the fisheries project, it belongs to you all and you should benefit fully."

VP Chiwenga said Government had been working tirelessly to foster development since November last year when citizens stood up for economic revival.

"We have party candidates here chief being President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has proven he has the people at heart. We have to unite as we did last year and vote him into power come July 30," he said.

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