Financial illiteracy is our biggest enemy in Zimbabwe

I found a very interesting letter in one of my old books that I last read in 2004. It is a letter that I received from Barclays Bank (Zimbabwe), offering me a Z$1 million overdraft facility. Three yea...

By Hopewell Chin'ono | Published: 12 September 2018


Zimbabwe has highest literacy rate in Africa

ABOUT 25 percent of the school-going population aged between three and 24 years in Zimbabwe drop out of school with a majority being girls, statistics from the recent Inter-Censal Demographic Survey (...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 May 2018


Traditional leaders get financial literacy training

ZIMBABWE requires an economic model that empowers communities to develop businesses and create jobs within their immediate environment, National University of Science and Technology (Nust) Vice Chance...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 May 2018


Early childhood financial literacy

THE best way to grasp a concept is when one is young. Children have the ability to throttle concepts better than adults. It is in the best interest of society to catch the children young and incalcula...

By Morris Mpala | Published: 02 August 2017

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