Zimbabweans face another fuel price hike

FINANCE minister Mthuli Ncube says government is set to increase the prices of electricity and fuel because the current pricing structure was no longer sustainable.Zimbabwe is currently battling a sev...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 July 2019


Zimbabweans resort to firewood, plastic, gas unaffordable

WITH a 15 to 19 hour load shedding schedule underway, massive hikes in prices of firewood and acute shortages on gas, some Zimbabweans have resorted to burning plastic to cook meals.Barely a week ago,...

By Staff reporter | Published: 01 July 2019


Zimbabweans need to find each other as a nation

As we begin 2019, there are key lessons from the coup and Zimbabwe's post-coup experiences. The key lessons going forward relate to ethical leadership, public sector performance management, service de...

By Brian Kagoro | Published: 19 January 2019


Zimbabweans among top property buyers in SA

In spite of a crippling foreign currency crisis ravaging the Zimbabwean economy, locals are finding the hard currency to buy real estate in South Africa.Interestingly, when it comes to splurging on pr...

By Fin24 | Published: 02 January 2019


SA police intercept 44 undocumented Zimbabweans

THE South African Police Service (Saps) yesterday intercepted 44 undocumented foreign nationals, all suspected to be Zimbabweans, during an operation, marking the beginning of their festive season bli...

By Staff reporter | Published: 07 December 2018


Mthuli Ncube piles more tax misery to Zimbabweans

ZIMBABWEANS should brace for more price hikes after Finance minister Mthuli Ncube increased excise duty on petrol and diesel as fundamentals pointed to a worsening economy despite token measures to co...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 November 2018


Zimbabweans' lives are not bargaining chips

TRUE to the base instinct of human nature - that subconscious urge or behaviour directed by primeval, animalistic, self-serving, and/or ignoble motivations - some people have quickly rushed to complet...

By Conway Tutani | Published: 16 November 2018


12 Zimbabweans face the gallows in China

Twelve Zimbabweans, one man and 11 women face the death sentence in China unless President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government moves with speed to operationalise a prisoners' exchange programme with the A...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 September 2018


Zimbabweans want US or Zim dollar only, not SA Rand

THE majority of Zimbabweans would be happy to adopt the United States dollar or the Zimbabwe dollar as only currency and are adverse to the use of bond notes, according to a recent public opinion surv...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 September 2018


Zimbabweans decide

ITS all systems go for Monday's harmonised elections with the Zimbabwe Election Commission and the Zimbabwe Republic Police giving assurances three days before the plebiscite that the voting process w...

By Staff reporter | Published: 27 July 2018


Can Zimbabwean exiles finally return home?

I know many Zimbabweans in the diaspora. I am one of them.Many such exiled Zimbabweans have written public break-up letters with the country of their birth and "filed for divorce" because the relation...

By Teldah Mawarire | Published: 27 July 2018


Zimbabweans top SA tourist arrivals

ZIMBABWE contributed up to two million tourists to South Africa in 2017, becoming the largest source of African visitors to the neighbouring country, a report has shown.Highlights from a recent report...

By Staff reporter | Published: 25 July 2018


Zimbabweans' buying power increases

The buying power of Zimbabweans is strengthening with revelations that consumers are spending more goods than previously.Of the $534 million generated by Meikles Holdings in revenue during the just en...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 July 2018


'White Zimbabweans now fully behind Zanu-PF'

Zanu-PF Mpopoma-Pelandaba Member of Parliament Joe Tshuma has said whites were now in full support of the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government, claiming the ruling party now had the upper hand ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 July 2018


Zimbabweans tell of hopelessness ahead of elections

Seven months into the new presidency, and just a month before elections - the first without Robert Mugabe since independence - Zimbabweans are telling a story of lost hope."What difference does it mak...

By Daily Maverick | Published: 03 July 2018


Zimbabweans together can build tower to heaven

Zimbabwe is heading for harmonised elections on July 30. The outcome is as unpredictable as it is anticipated. The world is watching, including those we have ourselves invited to witness the conclusio...

By RADAR | Published: 30 June 2018


'5 million Zimbabweans live in extreme poverty'

OVER five million people in Zimbabwe are living in extreme poverty, throwing into doubt the country's capacity to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to end extreme poverty by 2030, a...

By Staff reporter | Published: 29 June 2018


Why do so many Zimbabweans want to be President?

The long list of presidential candidates for the 2018 harmonised elections is out. Last Thursday, the nomination court was held where aspiring candidates submitted their papers and fees to contest in ...

By Christopher Farai Charamba | Published: 21 June 2018


Zimbabweans eligible for Wenela compensation

Zimbabweans, if you know of any mine worker who used to work in the South African mines and contracted silicosis or TB, may you get in touch with Ms. Phephelaphi Dube. These persons may be eligible fo...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 June 2018


Zimbabweans trust their army: Survey

CITIZENS trust the Zimbabwe Defence Forces more than other State institutions and have more confidence in President Mnangagwa than his predecessor, Mr Robert Mugabe, who resigned last November, a surv...

By Staff reporter | Published: 12 June 2018


Mnangagwa urge Zimbabweans to vote wisely

THE July 30 harmonised elections are a call to safeguard the country's freedom, integrity, respect and dignity, virtues that Zanu-PF fought for leading to independence, President Mnangagwa said yester...

By Staff reporter | Published: 08 June 2018


Zimbabweans prefer foreign airlines

Zimbabwe's forex coffers are getting extra pressure from the dominance of foreign airlines in the country's airspace as locals do not prefer the national airline when travelling.An aviation expert, Mr...

By Staff reporter | Published: 30 May 2018


Zimbabweans told to brace for fuel price hikes

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya has warned that foreign currency shortages coupled with the country's shrinking export bill and galloping fuel prices on the global market will continu...

By Staff reporter | Published: 29 May 2018

93.4% Zimbabweans are employed, claims Zimstat

AT least only 6,6 percent of the economically active Zimbabwean population of 5,6 million people is unemployed with the majority of those that are working found in the agriculture sector, a new survey...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 May 2018


Zimbabweans urged to vote for Mnangagwa

VISITING Belarus Internal Affairs Minister Lieutenant General Igor Schunevich has urged Zimbabweans to cast their vote wisely and vote for Zanu-PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections due in two mo...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 May 2018

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