Call to extend SIM card deadline

Published: 30 June 2013
LAGOS - As the deadline to register subscriber identity module cards approaches, the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers of Nigeria appealed for an extension of the programme.

The Nigeria Communications Communication set Sunday as the deadline after which it will deactivate all unregistered cards.

Natcoms president Deolu Ogunbanjo appealed for a three-month extension to enable telecoms subscribers who encountered problems registering to complete the process.

He said during the SIM registration exercise, some agents, overwhelmed by demand, did not collect the required full details of subscribers because of their rush to register as many subscribers as possible and make financial gains.

"In view of the these submissions, a lot of subscribers will be locked out due to no fault of theirs as they think they have registered their SIMs.

"Against the backdrop of the above and in order to ensure that every subscriber is given fair consideration, we are appealing to the NCC to give Nigerian subscribers a three-month one-way final warning extension on SIM registration," said Ogunbanjo.

His appeal came days after NCC insisted the June 30 deadline would not be extended.

The country's mobile network customer care centres are a hive of activity as clients make a last minute rush to beat the deadline.

The Nigerian SIM card registration program was conceived to combat fraud and criminal activity by securing the identities of all mobile network subscribers nationwide.

There are more than 120 million subscribers in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with over 160 million people.

- CAJ News
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