US govt working on normalising ties with Zim

US govt working on normalising ties with Zim
Published: 21 September 2017
United States of America President, Mr Donald Trump's administration is working on improving trade with Zimbabwe.

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry K Thomas Jnr, yesterday said the administration wanted to develop relations between the two countries and improve Zimbabwe's economy.

He toured a number of projects that are being funded by USAid in Nkunzi village, Tsholotsho District.

Ambassador Thomas was accompanied by directors from USAid, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) and Amalima, a programme that was established by the US to improve food security in the country.

"What we need to improve is trade because it provides jobs and my job is to make sure the US has a trade surplus for Zimbabwe. That's what the Trump administration is trying to do through the Americans and Zimbabweans who work together every day.

"In terms of investments, a Zimbabwean solar power company is partnering with an American company. We have invested in many ways and we want to continue. We have a wonderful USAid programme and a robust public affairs programme in place to improve not only aid but relations with Zimbabwe. We also have more than 1 500 Zimbabweans studying in the United States," said Ambassador Thomas.

He said it was unfortunate that Zimbabwe's economy was facing many challenges but expressed optimism that the economy will be revived through increased trade with the US and other countries.

"Through our donations we're making efforts to help Zimbabwe's economy. To show our commitment we're building a $200 million embassy and we've employed 700 Zimbabweans with $32 million having been set aside for their salaries and they get paid in US dollars.

"The bricks and floors for the construction of the embassy were bought in Zimbabwe to uplift and develop the country's economy," said Ambassador Thomas.

He said he was impressed by the resilience of the people of Tsholotsho in complimenting the US efforts in trying to improve their lives.

"The most important thing is the people and these are wonderful people working hard trying to improve their lives. I'm pleased and proud that the USA government through the USAid can partner with CNFA to be generous and change lives of people in Tsholotsho and other parts of Zimbabwe.

"As you know we've given over $1 billion in food aid since 2002. We remain the largest donor to Zimbabwe. This is wonderful but it wouldn't work without the commitment of the people. I'm impressed by the response of the people of Zimbabwe. We're always analysing the success of the projects with focus on expanding to other areas. Clearly there's need throughout the country and we're doing our best with other international partners to meet that need," said the US Ambassador.

The projects toured by Ambassador Thomas include food distribution, a dip tank, savings and lending group and conservation agriculture plot and the community health club.
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