Pay4App allows you to buy airtime and more online with EcoCash

Published: 10 June 2013
Ever had your Africom data bundle run dry at midnight? That's an example of the problems Pay4App, a local online shopping service, solves. Launched last year the website allows people to buy Africom airtime, Brodacom airtime, renew their WhatsApp & more online using just their EcoCash from anywhere at any time.

Purchasing something is as easy as visiting the order page, specifying the amount, making an EcoCash transfer and inputting the transfer details there and as soon as you click the button your services will be rendered you.

The startup grew out of its founders' won frustrations with regular services they needed to acquire that had a few distribution points, non-24/7 availability and needed commuting to in this age of smartphones and inter-connectivity. Their frustrations proved to be shared by many after an explosive growth in Bulawayo, Gweru & Mutare where they launched first before moving on to other towns & cities.

They are working to add more services as they are requested by their customers as well as to allow people to not only use EcoCash but also their ZimSwitch-enabled Bank card.

Visit their website here and tell us what you think
- Pay4App
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