Bulawayo man invents braid twisting machine

Bulawayo man invents braid twisting machine
Published: 25 May 2018
A BULAWAYO man has invented a braid twisting machine and is appealing for capital to maximise production.

Admire Maraidza told Southern Eye that his machine can take up to two hours to finish one person unlike when it is done manually where it can take between 12 to 18 hours.

"It reduces the workload, time, speed and the quality is exceptionally good. I have sold four of the machines so far at a cost of $180 since December last year to hair dressers in the city and the demand is very high. I need $10 000 to buy equipment and raw materials in the form of plastic, wood and metal and these are available locally,'' he said.

Maraidza said he had carried out research outside the country and found that the machines they use are of poor quality, hence, he has the opportunity to export his device.

He said his machine is the first one of its kind in Africa and he is working on upgrading it.

"I have a variety of machines that I want to invent. The first one before the braid and twisting machine was the permanent vehicle licence disc holders which I have sold to a number of people including companies like Mazda Motor sales and agencies in Masvingo, Autoworld and Sanctuary Insurance in Bulawayo. I quit the project because my salesmen had stolen my technology," he said.

"The second one was the floor polish packaging machine which I did in 2011 on a part time basis."

Maraidza said his dream is to open a factory where he would invent equipment for the agriculture and construction sectors. He said he will need to patent his inventions. 
- newsday
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