Govt sets aside $150m for Command Housing

Govt sets aside $150m for Command Housing
Published: 19 June 2018
Government is committed to ensuring decent and dignified accommodation for every citizen, Local Government, Pubic Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo has said.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters during the campaign launch held at Courteney Selous Primary School in Harare East constituency on Saturday, Moyo said the Command Housing programme will be rolled out soon, with his ministry having received $150 million for the purpose.

"We have already received $150 million for the first phase of Command Housing and already 107 000 areas nationwide have been identified as suitable for building houses," said Minister Moyo.

"Most of you heard President ED Mnangagwa talking about this programme, be assured that the new administration has everyone at heart. We want every citizen to have a house and as we speak preparations are on high stage for a ground-breaking ceremony to be held in Harare for the Command Housing programme to kick start."

Moyo said the Command Housing programme would be in three categories to allow everyone to benefit. "The Government will build low-cost, medium-cost and high- cost houses," he said. "We want to accommodate and make decent and dignified accommodation for everyone.

"We will build high-rise flats which will accommodate more families, on top of that Government will build clinics and schools near those flats so that social services are accessed easily. This is what our President has in mind for everyone and I tell you the programme will be a success."

Moyo sent a strong warning to land barons and corrupt people that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

"You have heard our President declaring war on corruption, and as I stand here I call upon everyone to shun corruption. Do not allow land barons to take your hard- earned money," he said.

Many people are suffering because of these land barons and let me remind them that the anti-corruption team housed in the Office of the President will deal with them." Moyo promised Caledonia residents that they would not be removed from their stands and that Government would bring social services as planned.

"The issue of Caledonia and Harare South is now being looked into, but rest assured, no one will be chased away," he said.

"Those who built houses on areas meant for schools or clinics will be given other areas to build and allow schools and clinics to be built. There are many people in Caledonia and we want to bring social services to them as soon as possible."

Moyo urged everyone to vote wisely in the coming elections, and do so guided and informed by history and experience.

"You see, for the past 18 years, our councils have been under the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party and look what happened to service delivery," Moyo.

"Service delivery has been deteriorating. It is not because the Government has failed, but the council has.

"So, from this I urge you to consider voting for councillors who are driven by the will of the people. Vote for Zanu-PF councillors and you will see wonders." Harare East Zanu-PF candidate and Deputy Minister of Finance Terrence Mukupe called for unity and tolerance among party members and supporters as the nation headed for the harmonised elections. He commended those who contested against him in the primaries for gracing the occasion, a move he said promoted unity among supporters.

"Let's remain united and give our President our support," said Mukupe.

"Let me also appeal heartily to those who contested in the primary elections. I know we might have had some misunderstandings and to those whom I wronged, I am sorry.

"Your presence here shows that we are still a family and as a family we must remain intact and in whatever we do let peace and unity prevail."

- the herald
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