Zim aviation well equipped for emergencies

Zim aviation well equipped for emergencies
Published: 05 July 2018
THE Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) says it is well equipped and ready to attend to any aviation related emergencies anywhere in the country.

Rescue and security agencies among other response partners quickly reacted to a mock accident drill here on Tuesday, demonstrating their capability.

CAAZ reported a fake plane crash at the Victoria Falls International Airport sending people into a panic mode.

The fake accident insinuated that a chartered plane with 41 passengers and six crew members on board had crash-landed at the airport after a midair engine failure.

Police and other security agencies, fire brigade, ambulance and air rescue services as well as the Victoria Falls Municipality quickly reacted after alarm was raised just after 8AM. So well planned was the mock drill that acting officer commanding Victoria Falls District Superintendent Malvern Chitsaka, who was in charge of the proceedings, held a press conference where he made an official announcement to the fake emergency.

He said the plane had crash landed at 8:30AM and six passengers were injured and rushed to three different hospitals in Victoria Falls.

Those who had escaped unscathed, at least according to the mock exercise, were detained at the airport and later ferried in a shuttle bus to their various destinations after being attended to by first aid crews.

The airport was barricaded and security planted at all strategic areas for safety of the general public as done in a real emergency.

Panic gripped the resort town and the rest of the country as ambulances and fire tenders rushed to the airport.

Social media platforms were abuzz with posts while The Chronicle Victoria Falls office was inundated by calls as people believed that a plane had crash landed with passengers on board.

Airport manager, Mr Ronnie Masawi, said the drill was meant to assess the state of preparedness to deal with emergencies in the wake of expansion of the giant airport which can now accommodate more and wider aircraft following its refurbishment. He said he was happy with the response.

"The emergency exercise is part of our requirements where now and again we are required to test our preparedness and involve all response agencies include security, police, medical, ambulances, fire brigade, media and others," he said.
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