Cabinet quota for Zimbabwe youths

Published: 07 July 2018
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has said if he wins the July 30 presidential poll, 25 percent of his ministers will be youths as they are the country's future. The President revealed this while responding to questions posed to him on Facebook on Wednesday.

President Mnangagwa said young people had a role to play in shaping the country's development agenda, hence the need to include them in senior Government positions. "The youth are the future," he said. "I will include the youth in my Cabinet and at least a quarter of my Cabinet will be young because the future belongs to the youth."

Some of the people who liked the President's Facebook page praised him for his stance. They said it was rare for a country's leader to take time off from his busy schedule to answer questions posed by ordinary Zimbabweans.

"Your Excellency, Mr President you are such a humble person. I didn't know that you can reply to our messages, but to my greatest surprise you did so," posted Lloyd Maposa, while Mr Isaiah Tapiwa Musiyiwa said: "Thank you, Mr President, for granting us your valuable time and making us a part of your bigger vision for this nation."

President Mnangagwa, in a break with the past under Mr Robert Mugabe's era, has made himself available to ordinary people.

He opened social media accounts on Twitter and recently opened a WhatsApp platform to engage citizens. Since his inauguration in November last year, the President has set a reformist agenda, calling for peace and tolerance ahead of the harmonised elections.

So far, opposition parties and their supporters have been going about their business without any disturbances. President Mnangagwa said his administration would prioritise reviving the economy instead of focusing on politics.

The President has said Zimbabwe should achieve a middle income status by 2030. The Government has also embarked on a massive re-engagement drive to attract investors even from countries that previously had frosty relations with Zimbabwe.
- the herald
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