Parirenyatwa's criminal abuse case postponed over 'new developments'

Parirenyatwa's criminal abuse case postponed over 'new developments'
Published: 03 July 2019
CITING the emergence of new developments, the State yesterday sought postponement of the matter in which former Health minister David Parirenyatwa allegedly removed from her position, Natpharm managing director Flora Sifeku and replaced her with Newman Madzikwa.

The trial was expected to continue with the cross-examination of the State witness who was recently impeached by the court, George Washaya, the former Natpharm board chairperson.

Prosecutor Brian Vito told the court that there was a new development that necessitated the postponement of the matter to today.

Vito said he will only be in a position to divulge the developments then.

The court recently declared Washaya hostile and conflicted as he kept on praising Parirenyatwa as the best Health minister ever after Timothy Stamps.

The impeachment means Washaya would be cross-examined by Vito.

Washaya's testimony on many occasions praised Parirenyatwa and would at times disown some of the statements he signed.

He told the court that the former Health minister wanted the best for Natpharm because the company, under Sifeku, was failing to reach targets set by the government.

Washaya said he erred when he signed the minutes and statement without consulting his legal representative, saying he did not realise that what he was doing had legal backlash.

His testimony then irked Vito who then filed an application to impeach the witness for siding with the defence, but Parirenyatwa's lawyer Advocate Mehta said the witness was speaking the truth and the State must not force him to lie to the court.

According to the State, on June 4 last year, Parirenyatwa acted contrary and inconsistent with his duties as a public officer by directing Washaya to end Sifeku's contract with Natpharm as managing director, thereby, showing disfavour to her.
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